foreseeti, Europe’s leading provider of Cyber Threat Modeling and Cyber Risk Simulation, is a Swedish technology company headquartered in Stockholm. foreseeti’s flagship product, securiCAD, empowers IT decision makers to make proactive and data-driven decisions in cybersecurity. The holistic approach combined with proactive risk management is novel and provides a unique opportunity to take control of your IT-architecture. Our solutions are used by multinational companies and our clients value our practical, hands-on approach.

Royal Institute of Technology

Over ten years ago, a group of researchers at one of Sweden’s most prestigious technical universities, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), began exploring modelling methods for the non-functional attributes relating to software architecture, system architecture and enterprise architecture for complex IT environments. Their somewhat revolutionary concepts, attracted research support from KTH, EU funding bodies and industry (and they continue to do so). As they refined their methodology, a subgroup began the development of a research prototype, seeking to close the gap between a complex theoretical problem and a simple practical solution. Recognising the enormous potential and practical values of the methodologies the group were using, industry partners encouraged the formation of an independent company to develop a commercial product and complementary offerings. From this user demand foreseeti was born and has not stopped growing!

Our values


foreseeti has a long history in innovating. This is what we do, and what we keep doing!


We work with confidential information, and we are trusted by our clients to handle their sensitive information.

Customer Value

Customer value is at the very core of our business. Delivering actionable insights at scale to our clients.  

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We have a number of exciting open positions ready and waiting for the right person. Besides, we are always looking for new talent. Find all our open positions on our career page or do a open application!

Meet our executive team

Head of Risk Services

Is experienced in the management and strategy side of cybersecurity. He has a background as VP IT Security for Ericsson and Head of IT Risk advisory at PwC Sweden and specializes in making cybersecurity understandable and actionable. Jacob has a B.Sc. in Political Science and more than fifteen years experience in various disciplines of Risk Management.

Has a passion for problem solving and business creation. He spent nine years with Accenture as a business and IT strategy consultant, working across industries, specializing in market and growth strategies. Joakim has a M.Sc. in Industrial Management and Engineering and a B.Sc. in Business and Economics.
Head of Product Development

Is a devoted software systems technologist with more than fifteen years of experience in the cyber security space from a broad range of technical and leadership roles at companies including RSA Security Inc., Fox Technologies Inc. and Axiomatics AB.
Head of Applied research

Is Professor at Software Systems Architecture and Security Group at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. For close to two decades he researched the technology underlying securiCAD. Pontus is a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and has authored some 100 scientific articles.