Success story from our German partner securiThon and their client Lohn24

It is not just since the entry of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that the security of our data is our highest priority. The Lohn24 billing company prepares monthly salary statements, social security notifications and is in constant communication with health insurance companies, tax offices and other government agencies.

Exchanging highly sensitive data with government agencies and clients requires a high level of protection. Since the threat scenarios have increased in intensity and quality in recent years, a timely preventive protection strategy is required.

With securiThon, we have found a partner with whom it is possible to go through threats in our IT infrastructure with the help of simulation. We no longer just have to react; we can work to prevent it! securiCAD allows us to simulate attacks on our IT infrastructure and shows us which weaknesses that exist in our system. We can optimize resources proactively instead of conducting costly changes!

The cooperation with securiThon was uncomplicated and goal-oriented right from the start. securiThon accessed our existing process descriptions and was able to create the securiCAD model. Through regular telephone conferences, we continuously evaluated the status of the process, clarified open questions and discussed specific steps for further action, so that we can now say:

We are secure!

Our core process is secure; but now we also know which "levers" we need to set in motion to maintain and improve our level! We are able to take preventive action with securiCAD!

Hans-Georg Klimm, Managing Director Lohn24 Abrechnungsgesellschaft mbH

Here is a link to the article on securiThons website: (article in German)


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