Connecting the future to our cities

foreseeti has been awarded funding from Swedish Energy Agency together with KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Umeå University to explore the future of threat modeling and attack simulations of viable cities.

Increased digitization makes cities increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, where computers are compromised by malicious actors in order to cause damage and disruption. The higher the degree of digitization, the more devastating the potential attacks. In order to mitigate cyber threats, vulnerabilities first need to be identified. This is generally very difficult, because it requires (i) a detailed understanding of the city-wide system architecture, and (ii) significant security expertise. The task can be significantly facilitated by dedicated engineering tool support in the form of threat modeling and attack simulation. Threat modeling supports requirement no 1 by documenting the design of the system architecture. Attack simulation supports requirement no 2 by automating the identification of vulnerabilities. The main goal is to do a feasibility study for a threat modeling and attack simulation approach specifically designed for large scaled complex system-of-systems.

Viable Cities – the strategic innovation programme for smart, sustainable cities – is the largest research and innovation initiative taken in Sweden so far in the field of smart, sustainable cities. Viable Cities is led by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and brings together around 50 stakeholders in various areas of research, industry, government, local authorities and civil society.

More information about viable cities and this project:

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Connecting the future to our citiesa