Using cyber simulations against cyber attacks

Article on benefits of managing cyber risk by using attack simulation published on TechHQ. foreseeti mentioned as key vendor in this space.

Article 'Using cyber simulations against cyber attacks':

Articles like this about cybersecurity provisions tend to refer to an arsenal of defensive measures, or a quiver of arrows (a.k.a. tools) to mitigate from attack and defend networks.

Granular approaches to cybersecurity continue this stance, regarding each element of the enterprise’s network as somehow separate from others. There are solutions out there which are gateway-based; firewalls, and more recently, web application firewalls (WAFs) to protect enterprises who use significant quantities of XaaS or cloud-based services.

Additionally, individual applications can be protected, as can individual network infrastructure nodes. Users, or biological interfaces, have their own discreet protection types, providing training, education, cyber hygiene routines and endpoint protection.

This latter subset of cybersecurity software and hardware has come about as BYOD IT policies encourage staff to bring their technology into the workplace. Protecting legacy Android installs, group policies for iOS distributions and even Blackberry virus mitigation routines are all now as important as bolstering individual users’ laptops brought in from home.

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using cyber simulation against cyber attacks