Pod cast - From spaghetti architecture to secure IT system

IT architecture has evolved over many years creating a spaghetti architecture of intertwined components all more or less dependent on each other. Managing this architecture is a complex task for today’s enterprises, especially when it comes to making sure the system is secure.

We need to go from putting out fires and working reactively to design for security and being proactive. Threat modeling and attack simulations based on research is one such approach that we need to embrace in order to succeed. Otherwise, a cyber epidemic is bound to happen.

Listen the podcast with associate prof. Robert Lagerström at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Foreseeti founder reason over this scenario and his journey in academia.

Link to the pod-cast (in Swedish): http://www.radioscience.se/forskarsnack/64-fran-spaghetti-arkitektur-till-sakra-it-system/ 

Robert Lagerström , foreseeti