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Cyber Threat Modelling and Risk Management - securiCAD by foreseeti

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Managing cyber security in a proactive and business minded way is extremely challenging in a world of complex and interconnected systems of systems. The devils are both in the details and in the large.
We boost your organization with automated, objective cyber threat modelling capabilities, improving your security work in the same revolutionizing way as CAD tools have improved other engineering domains.

We can help you

Take control

  • Go from reactive to proactive
  • Make well founded risk assessments
  • Track improvements over time

Automate & reduce cost

  • Boost organization with new capabilities
  • Automate analyses and free up expert time
  • Prioritize and reduce operating costs

Make better investments

  • Invest based on well-founded analysis
  • Incorporate security from design
  • Reduce risk level a factor 10 at limited extra costs

Improve your business

  • Reduce total cost of cyber crime & security
  • Reduce risk in business projects
  • Communicate security effectively

securiCAD® enables us to conduct cyber risk analyses in a very effective manner and the quantitative output from the tool is great for security ROI analyses.

Managing Director, Security Consultancy


Cyber threat modelling and risk mgmt with securiCAD® creates significant values for multiple stakeholders in your organization, from CEO level down to individual projects. The overall values above are applicable at all levels. However, the relative importance and meaning differ per stakeholder. Click on the stakeholder to see the specific value.



The cyber threat modelling and risk mgmt tool securiCAD® is available in a community edition, professional version and an enterprise suite. Tailored to different user needs. These are described further in the products part of our web page.

Our products

Getting up to speed with securiCAD® is easy!
We offer a range of cyber threat modelling and risk mgmt services – ourselves and through our partners – to provide speed to value to you.

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foreseeti was founded in 2014 and consists of a dynamic, dedicated team of seasoned security experts, business professionals and skilled developers. We target becoming the global leader in cyber threat modelling and risk management. Our solutions are used by multinational companies, and our clients value our practical, hands-on approach.

A love of distilling the complex into simple, practical solutions lies at the heart of every foreseeti employee. For most of the team it’s an obsession, which is probably why so many have an M.Sc./PhD and two retain their professorship at Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

As a company, we strive to recognize and nurture each individual’s skills and expertise so that together, as a team, we can fulfil our passion of creating innovate and ground-breaking solutions.

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