securiCAD solutions

securiCAD is a foreseeti product,  developed for performing cyber risk simulations on todays interconnected IT infrastructures. Based on decades of research at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), securiCAD enables companies to transform their risk assessments from isolated technical problems to a holistic approach for measuring the risk exposure of their IT infrastructures.

securiCAD Professional

securiCAD Professional features attack simulation, risk mitigation suggestion, and reporting features. securiCAD enables risk professionals and IT security architecture experts to assess the security robustness of a current or future IT-architecture design. Changes and security mitigations are automatically suggested by securiCAD and can be tested virtually before any changes are deployed.


securiCAD Enterprise

The securiCAD Enterprise platform features risk simulation, collaboration, and reporting features. Use securiCAD Enterprise platform for continuous risk assessment of your complex IT-architecture while planning, sharing and assessing models of future architectural designs. Assess security mitigations automatically suggested by the securiCAD tool and generate reports of results.


Managed Risk Services

foreseeti provides advisory and managed risk service (MRS) for clients globally. Our risk experts are certified threat modeling professionals and have extensive experience in providing threat modeling advisory. Foreseeti enables customers to utilize the full potential of cyber threat and risk management though threat modeling, without having the resources in house to handle the assignment.



A holistic approach to cyber risk

securiCAD uses objectively collected data and probability scores to deliver the most comprehensive threat and risk assessment available today.

Proactive cyber threat mitigation

securiCAD empowers organizations to perform proactive cyber-attack simulations on existing and future configurations of IT infrastructures to reveal an organizations true cyber risk exposure


Reveal weaknesses and apply mitigations.

securiCAD enables organizations to reveal the combined cyber risk of an IT infrastructure change and provides actionable advice for risk mitigation.