securiCAD Professional, Cyber Risk Simulation

securiCAD Professional

securiCAD Professional enables risk and IT security architects to design virtual models of current and future IT infrastructures. Through virtual attack simulation, and mitigation testing, securiCAD Professional will provide detailed information about successful attack paths and most likely kill chains. Customers are able to virtually assess security mitigations deployed in securiCAD in order to find the most effective way to eliminate cyber threats. securiCAD Professional requires no installation or external connections to run.

securiCAD Professional benefits


Explore the risks of future attacks before they happen and evaluate new designs before deployment

Non- disruptive

Risk assessments and attack simulations are virtual and on models of architectures



Assess the risk of both technical and structural vulnerabilities and the impact of potential mitigations.



What is does


Generate a model of current or future architectures


Conduct automated virtual attack simulations



Explore data and detailed information about successful attacks and most likely kill chains


Explore the effects of potential mitigations and design suggestions

securiCAD Managed Risk Services

In addition to the cutting-edge threat modeling tool, securiCAD, foreseeti provides advisory and managed risk serviced (MRS) for clients globally. Our experts are certified threat modeling experts and have extensive experience in providing threat modeling advisory to defense, financial services and multinational companies. Foreseeti’s MRS offering enables customers to utilize the full potential of cyber threat and risk management though threat modeling, without having the resources in house to handle the assignment.

securiCAD Professional features

Security by design

Be proactive; simulate attacks to your planned architecture designs or changes and manage risks before deployment

Structural vulnerabilities

Find the structural weaknesses (e.g., the combination of a technical vulnerability and a bad user) in your architecture


Modeling tool

Create models of your architecture in our modeling tool or refine models that are automatically generated in securiCAD Enterprise

Attack simulations

Run non-biased, non-disruptive and automated attack simulations on a model of your architecture

Kill chains

Find the most critical paths from a potential attacker to high value asset

Explore weaknesses

Find exploited weaknesses and possible improvements in your architecture based on the attack simulations


Create and share reusable components (collection of objects) for more efficient modeling

Export data

Export the result of attack simulations for reporting or integration with external tools

Non- disruptive

All attack simulations are run on models of your architecture and will not affect, or in any way connect to your actual systems during simulation

Get started within minutes

securiCAD Professional requires no installation and can be used on all modern workstations and laptops